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Top Graduate Schools for Veterinary Education

Being a veterinarian is a demanding but rewarding career choice. Choosing a well-regarded and rigorous degree program is very important. Studies and articles from these universities are often published in distinguished journals like those printed by Bentham Open

Colorado State University

This program prepares students to work with domestic and farm animals. CSU’s veterinary curriculum incorporates business classes to help prepare you to run a clinic. They have excellent externships through their teaching hospital. 

University of California, Davis

This is a particularly difficult school to get into but it is also one of the most prestigious veterinary colleges in the U.S. Students spend their last year studying at one of the three dozen research institutions associated with UC Davis. They teach attendees how to provide care in emergency situations. UC Davis teachers and alumni often go on to write for top medical periodicals through publishers like Bentham Science Open

Tufts University

Tufts’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine provides education in several different disciplines. You can specialize in clinical experience, ethics, wildlife or international animal care. Building expertise in a niche like this can give you an advantage in your job search. They also have the largest veterinary library collection in New England. 

Ohio State University

OSU has its own veterinary hospital and it is one of the busiest teaching hospitals in the country. Students study at the hospital and participate in service animal training at a local prison. They also aid the surrounding community by caring for and rehoming animals in need. 

Cornell University

Cornell is another university with a low acceptance rate, but it results in small class sizes and more individual attention. This is an award-winning Ivy League school and they have some of the most knowledgeable professors in the country. You can choose one particular kind of animal as a specialty. They offer a unique program in DNA research as well as two years of hands-on experience.


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