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Apps and Mobile Growth Looking Ahead for Your Brand or Agency

For those old enough to recall the years, the current trends for applications and mobile growth is equivalent to the growth that websites and the web in general experienced during those early years. And, of course, there is that little thing called ‘social media’ over the last seven years which (even after many heavy years of data) is still an R OI question mark for many brands.

Just as agencies and brands scrambled to organize, strategist and execute around the new opportunities in both the website boom and social media boom – the disruptive nature of the application and mobile trends is applying the same pressure.

I’ve basically had a ‘tour’ of many of the biggest and brightest agencies over the past year while working as Director of Business Development for a fifty-person startup. I’ve researched, presented, worked with some of them – giving me a pretty valuable insight into how these teams are working on various parts of brand business. Agencies like Ogilvy, Razor fish, Digital s, Barbarian Group, Flight path, G 2, Morpheus, Huge and more.

After having my own agency for several years in NYC, and then working as a partner at Revolution Digital (mainly on social across many accounts: Chap Stick, Dial, Cent rum, Cult-rate, Honeywell and more) I’ve got a great birds-eye view of what is happening in the industry and I’ll be putting this experience here to help you and the world you currently work in.

All this to say that, though the application and mobile space is ‘new’ in the opportunities it offers, the greater trend over the past 12 years is a cycle of disruptive innovation. The smart brands and agencies seeing the bigger picture here can organize, structure, plan and execute against the greater digital trend – not just find themselves in a reactive position.

This means the digital teams need new media leaders, who can identify trends and implement teams and structure to win new business from clients while still serving existing clients. Brands that have their capabilities ‘soloed’ with different agencies in social, email, and more can easily miss opportunities by fragmenting their digital teams.

The smart agencies are collecting clients across these digital capabilities, and the brilliant agencies are already organized or organizing against the macro-trend of new media. Applications and mobile are the new challenge, but the trend is not new – and the opportunity is endless.

The takeaway is to make sure you are positioned around the macro-trend, while still addressing the new challenges.


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