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How To Legally Trace A Lost Mobile Phone Location | Best Way

As we know, nowadays everyone is taking the benefits of mobile technology. If we think about 20 years back about mobile technology, many rare people were has been own mobiles. So as time passes, the technology of mobile becomes more popular, and now everyone has its mobile for personal use. Thus, due to the popularity of mobile phones, the mobile phone lost cases are coming in front of us. We will help you in trace a lost mobile phone location.

Here, we will help you with how to track a phone? We know, everyone’s mobile is essential for its owner. So all of its information is also very necessary. We will help you with the track phone number.

Trace A Lost Mobile Phone Location:

We know your mobile is vital for you. We will give you different ways to locate a phone.  If you are confused about, how to locate a cell phone? We will help you with tracking the phone number system. We will give you the names of different apps to track phones. If you are finding a free cell phone tracker, Then you are in the right place. If you have lost your phone and you are searching to track my phone, then we will help you in finding your lost phone. We will guide you in, track someone by cell phone number without them knowing. We will help you in trace a lost mobile phone location.

Step by step process to trace a lost mobile:

Step 1.

Open your smartphone apps area and click on the SETTINGS menu.

How To Legally Trace A Lost Mobile Phone Location | Best Way

Step 2.

Find the option GOOGLE in the list and click it.

How To Legally Trace A Lost Mobile Phone Location | Best Way

Step 3.

In the option of google now you have to click on the SECURITY Option.

Mobile phone settings with security option

Step 4.

In the option of security now you have to click on the FIND MY DEVICE.

mobile phone settings with find my device option

Step 5.


ON button of find my device

Step 6.

Once again check the option of LOCATION from the Navigation bar and ON it if it is OFF.

Location option from navigation bar

Step 7.


Google search engine

Step 8.

Write the GMAIL SIGN IN the search bar and press ENTER.

Gmail sign in the google search engine search bar

Step 9.

Now write the same Gmail ID and its password in the Gmail login area which is entered in the lost mobile.

Enter Gmail ID or phone number

Enter your password of the gmail ID

Step 10.

After signing in, now go to the search bar.

Google search engine with search bar

Step 11.

Write “FIND MY MOBILE” in the search bar and press the ENTER button.

google search engine with find my mobile

Step 12.

Open the first and press the reconnect option from the available options.

Reconnecting and showing data on GPS

Step 13.

This will find your phone location and shows it to you on the GPS.


Step 14.

When GOOGLE finds your phone’s location, your phone automatically rings with full sound for 5 minutes even it is selected as a silent mode.

Step 15.

So, by using the above options, you can easily locate your lost phone.


Top apps for finding a lost mobile:

These are the apps which will help you in:

  • How to track someone’s phone by number.
  • How to track a cell phone number on google map.
  • To find someone’s phone location using their cell phone number.
  • How to track a cell phone without knowing its Gmail ID
  • To track a cell phone location without installing any software.
  • How to track a cell phone location without them knowing free.


1. Glympse

Glympse is a mobile-based application. This will help you in sharing your location to your caring ones. You can use this app to trace someone. This is available for android and iPhone users.

2. Family Locator & Safety

Family Locator & Safety is a mobile-based application, and you can use this application for sharing your location with your loved ones.

3. Find lost phone

Find lost phone is a 100% free app which will help you in finding your lost phone. If your phone is lost and your location in the app is on, then you can easily trace it from another mobile.

4. Find my friends

This is a mobile-based application. In this application, if you are going to meet your new unknown friend, then this is a useful app for you because you can receive a location from your friend’s side and using GPS you can go to your friend quickly.

How can I see my mobile IMEI number?

We are here, and we will give you tips about track phone plans. If your phone is lost, then you have to find the IMEI number from the mobile phone box. IMEI is full from of International Mobile Equipment Identity. This code is unique in the World. If you bought a used mobile and you do not have your mobile phone box and IMEI number then you can also see your mobile IMEI number by just dialing *#06#. This code will show the IMEI number of your mobile.

After seeing the IMEI number, now you can download all these apps from the play store:


Family Locator & Safety

Find lost phone

Find my friends

Prey anti-theft

After installing one app from the above apps, now you can open it and place your IMEI number in the Textbox of the application. This app will tell you about the location of your lost mobile. If your device is lost and you are going to trace its place, here we will guide you about the movement of your device.

All these apps will help you in finding your lost mobile. We know, your phone is essential for you and you do not want to lose it at any price. So, you are in helping hands, and we will give you all the ways of tracing a lost mobile.

Caretaking before the loss of mobile phone:

  • Go to the mobile phone setting.
  • Click on the google.
  • Click on the security option.
  • In the security option, click on the option of remotely locate the device.
  • Keep the above option ON for the tracing of your lost mobile.

If you lost your mobile and your phone location is off, and also you do not know the Gmail ID which is to be added on the mobile. For the tracing of lost mobile, it is very necessary that the option of location in the mobile is on else you will never locate your lost phone.



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