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Google Experimenting in Mobile With New Feature

We have seen ultra-books, net books and other products that have not finished taking off or take full advantage of the concept. As is to be expected in a technology company should give a twist to change things. So Chrome box born a video conferencing system for the corporate sector based on Chrome OS and Google Hangouts in all mobiles.

Chrome box is a whole concept, it is a small computer manufactured by AS US that has the best performance to achieve the goal of working in the cloud with Google Chrome applications and to establish a video conference without problems. It has WI-F i connectivity and HDMI output for any monitor or HDTV. He is accompanied by a remote control, a high-definition camera, microphone and speaker for all mobiles.

The concept is to bring to market a solution business communication simple but fairly robust, the investment will be much less than using services and complex equipment like Cisco for example. The price of a package Chrome box is $ 999 and includes all conference kit and assistance from Google.

AS US is not the only company to produce the Chrome box is expected to Dell and HP also manufacture such devices begin shipping in Australia, Canada, France, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and England. There are no details on arrival in Mexico but do not think it too much trouble importing these equipment.

Specifically, the company made ​​known version 7, which contains important features, in addition to very interesting developments. We do not want to focus on the operating system itself, but in one of these developments: the API for game pads. The package includes software that is able to sync with this kind of accessories, allowing the ability to play like we were on a console.

It was a few hours ago when we could know the first Bluetooth driver that will use the technology. His name is Game Case, and has a rather nice. First, we must consider that there is a command to use but has a very innovative design. This is a controller that can be divided into two, allowing the devices to adapt to and interact with them.

The device has its own battery supply, support dual analog stick, directional pad and four buttons , you can find typical in almost all similar accessories. On the back also has several parts to make rubber does not break easily, besides giving a fairly ergonomics.


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