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The Nature of Proxy Servers

You might know it. And because you do not understand it, it does not trouble you. Each time you connect with anybody or a website online, your network issues your device address to the site or the person you are connecting with. 

Why Is it So?

 so that The other party can understand where to send the information you are searching for back to your devices. The address we are talking about here is your IP address, and it’s public unless you are using a VPN or a proxy.

You are unable to do any activity on the web without an IP address.  Also, you can’t connect with anyone without it. 

So, Where Does My IP Address Come From

When you surf the web from home, your internet service provider assigns your computer an IP address. Read how to get IP from New York.   Since they offer you unlimited access to the internet, they have to give your computer an IP address. All your net activities pass through them, and they direct it back to you via your IP address.

But never get attached to it as it changes depending on where you are because you’ll be using different internet service providers.

Why Should I Care If My IP Address Is Public?

Some people do not mind their IP address being public. However, others are not so happy with the fact because of the following reasons;

  • Your IP address recognizes where you are globally up to a street level.
  • Some websites can use your IP address to stop you from reading their content.

But you can escape these realities by using a proxy server or a proxy.

What is A proxy Server?

The proxy server means a substitute.  A proxy allows you to surf the web under another IP address identity. 

A proxy server ( proxy) acts as a gate between the internet and you.  It’s a medium separating end users from the sites they visit.

Proxy servers offer different functionalities, privacy, and security based on company policy and needs. 

How A Proxy Server Functions

In simple terms, A proxy server is an electronic brain ( computer) on the internet that reroutes your browsing activities.

Here’s how it functions

Ordinarily, when you key in a web name, your ISP ( internet service provider) makes requests for you and links you with the desired destination- it discloses your correct IP address. 

When you are using a proxy, your internet requests get redirected.

When you use a proxy, your web requests travel from your computer to ISP as expected but then forward to the proxy server and a website. The proxy server conceals your actual IP address along the way.  

How to Obtain Proxy A Proxy Servers

Proxy servers have both software and hardware versions. 

Hardware proxies exist between the internet and your network, where they send, receive, and forward information from the web. Software proxies stay in the cloud, or your internet provider hosts them. You can install an app on your devices that eases interaction with the proxies.

You can obtain a software proxy at an affordable monthly fee or use the free ones. Free software proxies give users less address and may not cover all the basics. However, paid proxies meet business demands with almost all devices.

Advantages of Using a Proxy Server

Proxy servers give your business a competitive edge. Here’s how. Improved Security

A Proxy acts as a firewall between the internet and your system. Without it, bad actors such as hackers can access your IP address and then use it to invade your network. 

A proxy server allows private shopping, listening, browsing, and watching.  You can also use different proxies to avoid getting overwhelmed with undesired ads. 

 You Can Use A Proxy Server To Block The Sites You Do Not Like

You can use a proxy to stop your employees from browsing unsuitable or distracting sites.

A proxy can bar access to a website that operates contrary to your business’s principles. 

Also, you can bar any site that you believe is distracting workers from crucial tasks.

Some organizations have blocked Facebook and Instagram as they believe these sites distract employees.

Anonymous Browsing

Though using a proxy can help you browse the web anonymously to ensure your data’s privacy and security, you need to be a bit careful.

What You Do Not Know Can Come Back and Bite You!

When you are using a proxy, you submit your real IP address to it to use the proxy’s IP address to browse the web and do your online transactions. 

This only hides your identity from the third parties ( the sites you visit) but not from the 

The proxy server itself. Criminals run some free proxies. And because a proxy can see your online activities, criminally-minded proxies can steal your identity and overwhelm you with undesired software and ads, which you can download inadvertently. 

That’s why it’s crucial to spend a few dollars on a trusted proxy because too much is at stake.

If you don’t want to spend any cash on a proxy and only want to use a free one, always use “HTTPS” and browse from those sites.

Bottom Line

Personal and business data are highly valuable if they land in the wrong hands. Secure it with a proxy or a VPN, depending on your needs.


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