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The Responsive Website Design in Social Media

Responsive website design is going to notice a big increase in the coming days, thanks or because of the last Google ad; here you can see it, where it announces a series of changes.

On February 26, Google announced that it continues taking steps so that users can access the most relevant results, whatever the device used for it and as each day that passes, more users are using their mobile devices to surfing the internet, their algorithms are adapting to these new browsing habits.

The changes are Google brings in this announcement

The first of the changes, and perhaps one of the most important, is that which refers to making the sites more mobile-friendly, with the date of April 21 as the date indicated to be taken into account in the search rankings, that the results that appear are responsive websites .

How to know if your current website is responsive?

That for those who still do not know the meaning of responsive web, it comes to be, a web design that adapts to the screen of the device used to surf the Internet, the same thing is that it is from a PC, from a mobile phone or a tablet, in all of them will look perfectly the web.

To find out if your website is ready, we offer the following tool, with which we can verify if our website is Movie-Friendly and in the case of webmasters, from the webmaster tools tool we provide a complete list of possible errors to through a mobile usability report, to be able to correct it before said date.

The second of the changes refers to making the contents of mobile applications more relevant in the search results, with which they want to implement App Indexing with which they highlight the information of the applications in the results of their search engine.


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