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All Type of Games in Tablet With Android Feature

Who has never played Hole?

A classic game card which is part of the tradition Brazilian culture People of all ages and types usually enjoy having fun with this activity, which has easy rules and simple game play. In fact, it’s the typical app that every tablet needs! So it’s really cool to know that the Brazilian developer Gazes Games has released its first free application for Tablet, the Barbacoa Yamagata.

There are 3 modes of Hole in the same app: Open Closed and ST BL. In addition to being able to play offline against robots (3 levels of difficulty: easy, medium and difficult), the user can play online against real players. The most incredible thing is that Barbacoa Yamagata is one of the few multiplayer form Brazilian multiplayer games available on Google Play. This means players connected by Android devices, iPhone, I Pad and the site play together simultaneously.

Website features such as internal chat at the game tables, profile page, ranking and statistics were also implemented in the mobile version. Among the novelties, it is important to send gifts (free games) to friends, customize the look of the table (color and deck, and speed of animations).

As it could not fail to be, the design and layout is well elaborated, with an airy array of elements. The app was highly anticipated by the company’s user base, which has been a leader in online card games since 2006 and has a base of about 1 million active registered players.

Among the numerous games for Android, this is an addictive puzzle game.

Very cool for those hours of waiting in the doctor’s office (we particularly love it).

You have to connect the stations of the same color so that there is no collision of the trains.

Red with red … blue with blue and so on.

Of course with each phase eliminated things are getting complicated.

Do not think it will be easy.

Take the engineering of the rails and put order into it.

There are more than 100 phases.

And the best, the game is free and runs on the vast majority of Android devices.


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