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The Pros and Cons for Smart Phone or Tablet

by David H. Rodriguez

Mobile computing is a big deal nowadays. People have grown to like the constant connectivity that mobile Internet has given them. Being able to constantly access the web has plenty of advantages, from being able to get your email any time you want, to getting directions and online shopping.

And there are plenty of options out there nowadays. Today we’re talking about smart phones and tablets. What’s the difference between them, and which one do you need? If you want to have computer access wherever you go, then read on to find out what tablets and smart phones are all about.

The Advantages of a Smart Phone…

With a smart phone you’ve basically got the Internet in the palm of your hand. Smart phones are small, powerful and easy to use. Plus, of course, they’re a phone as well. They do come with pretty hefty price tags, but they’re also extremely portable. The phone slides into your shirt pocket and you can carry it around without even noticing it. The main advantages of smart phones over tablets is that portability and the fact that you get phone and text services as well.

The Advantages of a Tablet…

Tablets are bigger than smart phones, which does have its advantages. While smart phone screens max out at around five inches, a tablet screen starts at seven inches and goes up to around thirteen inches. A big screen means that you get a better viewing experience for watching videos and reading web pages. But a far more important concern is on screen typing.

Most phones and tablets have touch screen keyboards, and typing on the bigger screen of a tablet is far easier than on a small screen phone. Tablets tend to have faster Internet connectivity and more internal memory, as well as more software options than smart phones do. As far as price goes, top end tablets are going to cost you double what you would pay for a top end phone.

The Disadvantages…

The most marked disadvantage of choosing between a smart phone and a tablet is that you really can’t. You can have a phone, or you can have a tablet and a smart phone. A tablet is great, but lacking the ability to make calls and send text messages really means that you need a phone as well.

Where to Look for Smart Phone and Tablet Deals…

Smart phones and tablets are often sold by the same providers because they’re so similar and appeal to similar groups of people. The best phone and tablet deals are generally for refurbished models. You just go to the web site of the manufacturer who makes the smart phone or tablet that you’re interested in and see if they have refurbished models available.

These are models that have been bought and returned, usually because the customer changed his mind about the purchase. Refurbished models are cleaned and inspected before being sold on again. Mobile service operators also offer both smart phone and tablet deals. Incentive contracts, that are contracts that give you a service and a free or low cost device, are common.

If you don’t have money to pay for the smart phone or tablet that you want, these incentive deals will get you the device for next to no money down. You might also want to consider going for second hand models. Second hand buying is a little risky, but if you buy from a reputable source and thoroughly examine the product before buying, then you can get a great deal.

A Suitable Compromise…

There is a group of devices that are known as “pallets,” these are compromises between phones and tablets. They have the full functionality of a phone, meaning you can make calls and send text messages, but they have a bigger screen than a traditional smart phone. A pallet device tends to go for around the same price as a top end mobile phone.

If you’re looking for a bigger screen and the functionality of a tablet but you can’t afford to buy a phone and a tablet, these devices are a great way of getting everything that you want.

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