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Common Signs of Issues with Your Plumbing Pipes

While it may be tempting to ignore potential signs of a problem with your home’s plumbing, this isn’t usually a good idea. The fact is, plumbing problems that aren’t dealt with quickly can turn into bigger issues and cost even more to repair.

If you aren’t sure of what indicates a problem with your plumbing, keep reading. Here you can learn more about plumbing issues and when to call a plumber service and repairs.

Strange Sounds from Your Faucets

Did you ever turn the faucets on in your house and hear a weird noise? Some people even claim their house is haunted because of the strange sounds their pipes are making. If you notice sounds coming from your pipes, it means there is air present. It also means that something is going on with the bleed-off system. In some cases, your plumber can use a hydrostatic test pump to see what the issue is.

Lower Than Normal Water Pressure

Another issue that may arise with your plumbing relates to the water pressure. This is a common problem in older homes especially. It can be the result of several problems and difficulty in finding the underlying issue. Usually, lower than normal water pressure is caused by a leak in the system, improperly sized pipes, or clogs.

Bad Odors from the Drains

You will find several issues that can cause bad smells from your plumbing system. If the odor is isolated to the kitchen sink, it may mean food scraps are building up in your pipes and starting to decay. For rotten egg smells, you may be dealing with a blocked drain vent that has let sewer gas back up in the pipes and enter your home. If there is a smell coming out of all the drains and you are dealing with regular clogs, it may be because of damage to the sewer line. While the problems do vary when it comes to severity, you need a plumber to come and determine the underlying issue.

Don’t Wait to Hire a Plumber

When it comes to plumbing issues, it is important to hire a plumber right away when the issue is seen. By doing this, you can have confidence that the issue will be resolved and that no other issues will occur. Keep in mind that plumbing problems can pop up at any time, but the last thing you want to do is ignore them. By acting fast, you can prevent more serious issues. 


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