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How Robots Improve Cleaning Performance In Healthcare Facilities

by David H. Rodriguez

Healthcare facilities need to be clean at all times because they are usually attracted to a lot of germs,, and you need to clean your facility as often as you can so that your patients don’t contract other illnesses when they come to get treated. You also need to retain patients in your facility, so you must ensure it’s clean at all times because appearance is very important. When the pandemic hit, healthcare facilities had to look for new ways that they could ensure their facilities were clean to avoid contamination. Hospitals decided to develop new methods, such as cobotics, to make cleaning easier, safer and faster. 

Advantages of using robots for cleaning healthcare facilities 

  • Improves patient experience and the facility’s image 

Patients and their families are very perceptive about cleanliness and safety of a healthcare facility.  Robotic floor cleaners give hospitals and clinics a chance to move floor cleaning from the night shift to the morning shift showing your patients that the hospital is regularly cleaned with the money you would’ve used to pay someone to clean the facility for you. Moreover, a robot can clean the floors repeatedly, and you don’t have to pay extra for this. 

  • Improved staff engagement and employee gratification 

Healthcare facilities know that their greatest asset is their employees, and most hospitals are looking for ways to improve employee gratification, enhance engagement and enhance retention. Having cleaning robots reduces the number of employees walking around in your hospital as they clean. 

  • Frequent cleaning 

Most healthcare facilities are normally open 24/7, and they need to be cleaned every time they are operating. Moreover, the activity happening around the hallway makes it difficult for employees to clean the floors, and this is why having a robot do the cleaning for you is the best option. With robots, your floors will be clean at all times, and you will also reduce labor costs. 

  • Robert’s provides employees with  a safe working environment 

For healthcare practitioners to offer workers a safe working space, AMRs are normally used to transport support and linens to hospitals where pathogens are normally at a high risk of exposure. When you use cleaning robots, it limits pathogens exposure as it helps in reducing hospital-acquired infections, and hundreds of facilities are already using robots to clean their hospitals. Social robots also help with carrying heavy lifting like carrying patients or beds. 

  • Enhances operational efficiency 

When the pandemic struck, most healthcare facilities were required to change their whole dynamic and improve their cleaning methods. The use of robots has made cleaning easier, and it has led to the avoidance of overstretching their budget. Equipment like robotic floor cleaning machines is fast and easy to use since they don’t need customised infrastructure or specialized training. Immediately the robot gets set up; it doesn’t need any maintenance beyond what a manual scrubber already does. Clean connect is helping healthcare facilities with this as well. 


Cleaning healthcare facilities must be a mandatory task to maintain the safety of your employee’s and your patients. 

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