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Firass Abbass, A Personification of Young and Dynamic Entrepreneur

 It is 2020, and the younger generations are taking over, becoming the new leaders of tomorrow…..many before they have even left high school. That’s right! CEO’s and founders of some of the leading and top companies in the world are getting younger and younger, and this is introducing a whole new breed of business growth and management. Firass Abbass, a young entrepreneur from Lebanon, is an inspiring example of how these self-made young adults are taking industries by storm and redefining what it means to be a leader. Mr. Abbass is CEO and founder of one of Dubai’s newest and already increasingly popular and well-known marketing agencies under his holding Group The Kingsmen Group. There are already exciting plans to expand across borders, and ideas for a move onto the social and entertainment field are brewing.

The Kingsmen Group is an example of how young leaders can positively transform industries, as its success is built upon the CEO, young entrepreneur Firass Abbass’, social and communication skills, and his open-minded approach to new and fresh ideas. Young entrepreneurs are making an impact as they are willing to take risks. Firass confidently insists that he decided to create his own company before the age of 30, rather than working his way up, because he is young, driven and feels like there is a gap in the marketing industry that needs to be filled with a modern and fresh touch. He says that his youth means it is much easier for him to keep on top of industry trends, and his social skills and energy allow him to leverage these trends to reach their top potential.

Firass Abbass is so passionate about bringing a new twist on digital marketing, that he handpicked a young and diverse team to work with him, each member bringing their own specialism and individuality to the table assisting the company in succeeding. Having a multi-skilled team full of personality, he says, is a new way forward in business to ensure you stand out from the crowd and branch out of old comfort zones into new concepts and ideas. The Kingsmen Agency has already taken the marketing industry by storm. As such, Firass and his team are already working on new ventures to head into the social networking, events, and communications industry. We are excited to see what comes next from this new company based around young leadership………. Way to go!


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