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The Side View Tv and Applications for Mobile

Side view TV and For Applications for Mobile Definitely one of the coolest parts of the app is that you can see complete schedule of Mexican channels directly on your device. And we’re talking about ALL programming. Since the national channels, to channels only available through cable television and Cable vision.

When configuring the app, you must include your zip code so that it will present the various service options that are available in your area. Hence, just choose your provider, channels that interest you, and go.

A fairly simple function but probably will use a lot is to control the TV from the phone. Whether you want to change the channel, volume or change the input, everything can be done from the phone.

Share what you’re about to see the application connect with Twitter. This way you can also see what other users are saying in real time, and you can also join the conversation – all without losing sight on the big screen what you came to see.

You can invite your Facebook friends to watch a show you. Which I must admit I are thrilled. This is done as you can see in the picture above, not even have to write a text because the app does it for you.

If you’ve ever forgotten that program you were dying to see, definitely this is the app you need. As part of the app you can save your programs as “Favorites” and receive alerts when they are about to begin. At the same time you can share you’re about to watch that show, so that people know that then can not talk because they’re not answer – or at least, join you to watch the program.

It is also a very simple function to use, just press the little heart at the bottom right to start receiving alerts for this program. It is easy to configure. Simply choose your zip code and your cable provider. The other step is to add your TV or compatible device to the app when both are connected to the same WiFi network. Beyond that, it is very easy to use.


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