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Watching TV Best Content From Android

Watching TV Best content from Android the program guide is incredibly easy to read and navigate. As each program and channel appears in colored boxes clearly marked, it is not difficult to see which program is and what channel is, and best of all, what time is spent.

The guide even lets you know what type of programming is – a series, a documentary film, among other things. Also you can see more information about that program by simply touching the time frame.

Besides giving you information related to the program you’re watching – even the actors and directors involved, you can see further information via I M DB. This is an app that is not fought with other apps to give you the best experience and the information you need.

Side view TV is very stable and loads very fast, so it is a better substantially to the digital program guide to find your TV tentatively.
The bad

The app takes one day to show recommended content for you, so if you are an impatient person like me, this will seem insurmountable. But relax, it is surmountable. Once you do, it will make recommendations based mostly in your bookmarks and searches.

Not compatible with all devices: only televisions and devices such as Blu-Ray. Here you can see the complete list of compatible devices with the app. It is noteworthy that other functions can use them even without a compatible device.

Connect with Facebook app can take a little work, mainly for server errors. But once you do, is no walk in the park. Facebook decided to blame for these errors, by the way.

Whether you are a user of television heavyweight, or only use once a week – no matter, this is an app you want on your phone when you sit in front of the TV, and when you’re not. It is very simple to use, easy to read, stable and fast, so it becomes genuinely useful when looking for something to do in digital television and internet. Although digital television has many advantages, one of its disadvantages is that it is very slow to change channels – but with this app, you will not have to. The zapping has evolved!

Highly recommend that you have TV compatible device application. Or even if you do not have a compatible device, also you can use as your guide portable television. Maybe you cannot use some of its advanced television control functions, but I’m sure you can get a lot out of your guide, your favorites and all its functions to share what you’re watching at the moment.


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