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Is Your Web-site Working as Hard as You Are

When I built my first website, I was so excited.

I thought, “Hey, I’ll build it and they’ll come.
And when they come, they’ll buy!”

Boy was I wrong…

I can’t tell you how frustrated and disappointed
I was.

There is an old expression that says, “I know
50% of my marketing efforts and dollars are
wasted. The problem is I don’t know which 50%!”

And I in my case it might have been 85% wasted.

I didn’t have a blue print…
or a check list…
or a step-by-step plan of action to get noticed…
and ranked by Google and the other search engines.

And I didn’t know how to get the visitors that
did come to my site to say, “YES.”

It’s now four years later and I’ve spent about
$35,000 plus learner from some of the best…

Ranging from Jay Abraham, John Carlton, David
Garfunkel, Alex Mandossian, Joe Polish,
Frank Kern, Jeff Walker and the list goes on.

But still, I had no check-list, no blue print,
no step-by-step flow chart.

So out of frustration and desperation I sat
down with my web-master/ SE O specialist and
we made them ourselves for internal use.

Now, we are going to take these tools we’ve
created and put them to work for a small group of
website owners who want to dramatically increase
three things.

First, your ranking on Google and other search
engines (how to get noticed in your race for page

Second, your flow of qualified interested
traffic (excited visitors coming to your site),

And third Getting to “YES.” How to get more
people to say YES to your opt-ins and your offers.

We are calling this project Your Site Report

That’s where you come in…

P.S. This is the first time we are breaking the
seal of silence and offering these tools to the
public so the web-site isn’t perfect yet and
there will be a few bumps along the road as we
work out the glitches.

If you are wanting a perfect system. Wait until
round 2. The catch is you will miss out on the
bonus (see below). Plus, the price will be going
up as we develop the product.

P.P.S. The bonus: we are offering (to the first 10
people to respond to this email) an extra two hours
of one-on-one coaching time with you on your site
when you purchase the basic review package.
(This is only available to subscribers to the Hot Web
Marketing Tools newsletter… and we normally charge
$65 hr for SE O work and $125 hr for marketing coaching.)


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