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Small Business Tech Trends Accelerated by the Pandemic

The widespread lockdowns left small business owners looking for ways to thrive amidst the pandemic. Some had to put their operations on halt while others had no choice but to shut their brand indefinitely. Now that we live in a completely different world, the only way for small brands to survive is to learn how to adapt to the new normal.

One strategy that never fails is to adapt to new tech trends. These can help satisfy consumer’s ever-changing needs. As sheltering in place is imposed in different parts of the world, businesses need to find other ways to bring their offers closer to their target audiences. Different tech innovations make it possible even for small business owners to achieve this.

Businesses now rely on varying technologies to make sure they get to keep up with the tech-dependent consumers. They now invest in powerful equipment to aid in the production of products and in delivering goods. They also have their own computers and either outsource or hire their own IT experts to repair and maintain equipment.

Aside from making the right investments, small business owners also need to keep up with other tech trends. Many are now offering their products and services online, which led them to invest in the following.


Many companies had to allow their staff to work in the comforts of their home. This is to ensure they can continue running their business. But then, many were not prepared to make the transition, leading to numerous challenges.

Some find it hard to maintain effective communication among their teams. Other employees have difficulty accommodating regular working hours as their families, especially their kids, are also sheltering in place. It can also be hard to overcome technical difficulties when your staff is scattered in different locations.

An effective telecommuting policy in place can help you overcome these challenges. This can mean having a policy if your remote workers need immediate PC repair or talk to their supervisors in case of urgent matters. You can also consider letting your staff work a flexible schedule to ensure they stay productive during peak hours.

More Online Payment Options

As more consumers shift to online selling, they realize how important offering numerous payment options can be. If you want to sell more of your products or services online, it is only fitting to allow your customers to use other modes of payment. This is especially true now that they are shifting against cash payments.

Some customers still prefer visiting physical stores while making online purchases. Small businesses can use this opportunity to boost foot traffic while optimizing online sales. You can post your products on your website, allow your customers to buy and pay for their orders online and pick up their orders on your physical store.

But then, you need to protect your business against numerous online payment threats. You want to make sure you safeguard your customers and your business against the following challenges.

  • Cross-border transactions
  • Fraud and chargebacks
  • Multi-currency and payment methods
  • Card fate security
  • Tech integration

Increase Need for Online Presence

If you want your brick-and-mortar business to thrive, you need to boost your online presence. This is since consumers are now spending more time indoors and online. Your offline marketing efforts can only do so much in attracting more of your target audiences.

You can start by creating a professional business website. This needs to be mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and optimized for SEO and conversions. List your brand on online business directories and claim your business on Google My Business.

Grow your following on different social media platforms. Build a community online and ensure continuous engagements. Try influencer collaboration, start a blog, and consider video marketing as part of your online marketing campaign.

Increased Focus on Cybersecurity

Most businesses are now online, which means they handle tons of new business data and engage in numerous online activities each day. More businesses also had to allow their employees to work online. As more brands moved to the cloud and embraced remote work, this led to increased cybercrime risk.

According to the FBI, there is a surge of cybercrimes mid-pandemic. Before, they receive about 1,000 cybercrime complaints each day. During the crisis, it jumped between 3,000 and 4,000 per day.

Small businesses are not safe against cyber attacks. They know just how costly a data breach, identity theft, credential compromise, and other methods can impact their business. This is why they are now investing in their brand’s cybersecurity.

The pandemic is continuously shaping how businesses operate. Now that we live in a more tech-driven world, businesses need to learn how to cope and deal with consumers’ ever-changing needs. Focus on improving your online presence and cybersecurity. Secure your business while offering different payment options and help your employees cope with their new work environment. Only when you learn how to adapt to the new normal will your business thrive and succeed.


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