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Tech Life Savers We All Need in 2020

The digital revolution has encouraged a thousand ways in which we rely on technology for our daily lives. While this has dramatically increased production on a global scale, allowing product placement throughout the world, it also comes with a very real cost attached. Digital technology is responsible for a whole new category of waste… E-waste. 

That’s right… Every mobile phone you don’t use anymore, every old laptop or buggy PC… iPads, headphones, portable sound systems and speakers – all of it amounts to a whopping 16.2 kg per person emission of E-waste. This toxic build-up of appliances is costing the planet millions of metric tonnes of waste, every single year. The global output of screens and monitors alone amounts to 6.7 million metric tonnes annually. These are figures that ought to terrify us.

Tech that Helps Preserve Appliances

So there are two routes that we can take in order to deal with this escalating issue. Most of the innovative ideas come from tech – surprisingly. We have put together a few things you can use to help you reduce your E-waste even by small degrees. In the scheme of planetary preservation, every little helps…

1 – Sugru Mouldable Rubber

Those not already familiar with Sugru will be interested to find out about it. This innovative tech is a glue that comes in putty form. You can mould and shape it into whatever you need it for, allowing you to both hold things together and mend broken objects. The glue sets hard into a firm silicon rubber which is waterproof, durable, and long-lasting. 

To use it to preserve tech products, place a little Sugru on the corners of your phone or iPad. This way, if you drop it, it will bounce instead of cracking that screen. You could mould a whole tough phone case if you wanted to… it’s just that good.

2 – Screen Protectors

Now let’s turn our attention to the 6.7 million metric tonnes of E-waste that is specific to your cracked and broken screens. Something as simple as a screen protector – a thin sheet of clear plastic capable of protecting the glass from scratches, can keep your screen from cracking in the first place. This, coupled with the Sugru, is the best way to keep your screens safe well into the future. Uncracked screens can be recycled into new phones by companies like Mazuma.

3 – Cases and covers

A laptop is much more likely to be long lasting if you keep it inside a case or cover when out and about. This is the same rule for phones, iPads, or anything else of a technical nature. That extra protection keeps things newer for longer and works to make you feel a little safer in the process. So next time you find yourself with a new phone, consider a case that fully covers the screen when secured. This will all but guarantee a safe and snug phone, tablet, or laptop, regardless of whether or not you accidentally put your phone and keys in the same pocket…

And Finally…

With a little dedication from each one of us, we can reduce that global total one step at a time. Do your part, follow the above guide, and make sure you recycle when your appliance is done for.


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