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The Internet and Search Engine Optimization

by David H. Rodriguez

SE O can help many who do not deal daily with search engine optimization, SE O and SE M. And to those who only occasionally want to engage in SE O. I do not want to go too deep here either. Who wants to deal with the topic of search engine optimization more?

Knows other sources

I would like to briefly and concisely, but nevertheless understandable for everyone, explain what has to be considered in the own website. Of course, basics such as meta keywords, description, etc. occur, but someone who is quite rarely concerned with his side does not know this yet.

I myself am a webmaster and program web sites, create pages with Typo 3 or Word Press. Of course, I also do complete programming without frameworks, but are less common. However, I often find that many of my clients do not know the basics of SE O and do not know how search engines work. I often hear just the phrase: “but you also make the side at the top on Google out”. Then I start explaining to the customer that that is not so easy. I also like to explain it, but it’s not easy to explain the whole topic so quickly.

In addition, the customer actually needs to know other things and has to take care of other things, so that of course my explanation has forgotten after a short time.

That’s one of the reasons why I created this blog. This should inform as a reference and also about news of the search engines, the search engine optimization (SE O) and also of the Internet. The internet is constantly changing and there are new techniques and new trends.

Which not all have to go through, but still should be known. Also, I would like to try what actually happens when a website is “developed”. This requires many steps that the customer does not see, of course. But still have to be done. So the website can be displayed at all.

That’s why I wish all of you a lot of fun reading and commenting! You can always ask me questions or suggest topics via the comment function. I try to treat them then.

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