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Do The Practice When Learning SEO On Your Own

Many Hongkongers are into the internet marketing field where an understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) is required. What do you have to learn to fulfil the work of an SEO specialist, and in the latter stages to become a Hong Kong SEO expert?

Practice doing search engine optimization by yourself. It means you will have to get your hands dirty with the actual work. All the theories and best practice guides are going to only take you that far. When you first start doing the actual SEO work, don’t be afraid that you are going to make mistakes.

To begin the actual work, you can either develop a full-scale eCommerce website. But that may be overwhelming as there are going to be too much for you to handle right from the beginning. The best option at the beginning is to quickly launch a blog. A personal blog would be good enough for your initial practice of SEO.

When launching your first blog, you may want to start it on Google’s Blogger, or a standalone WordPress. The cost isn’t high. All you need is to buy a domain name and rent a basic web hosting package where it either lets you host your blog in Hong Kong or elsewhere (usually the U.S.). Wordpress is a free website builder which can be easily and quickly installed on your web hosting space.

Reach out to people locally in HK or globally. The emphasis should be on reaching out to bloggers, websites businesses who are in your industry/niche. The first purpose of this is to build links i.e. If you have a great blog with great topics, then don’t feel shy to ask people to link to your web pages.

The second reason for reaching out to people especially those people who are working in your niche is that you should often spend time building connections in Hong Kong with new people. At later stages, you may be able to help one another or exchange business plans. Who knows what will happen down in 5-10 years.

Make use of some SEO tools. Install and set up Google Search Console and Google Analytics on your blog. The former tool allows you to receive messages on your site’s errors. The latter tool enables you to monitor the traffic of your blog.

Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They are the important codes that have to go onto every web page that you are going to build when developing a complete website, whether it is simply a company website or an e-commerce site.

It doesn’t hurt to learn PHP. If you stick with WordPress, or actually develop your site using the PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux combination, sooner or later you will have to run into making changes the PHP codes pf your website.

When you have gained much experience and at the same time you can feel your confidence has grown fast, you may be ready to take on another project. At this rate, you may ask your friends if you can handle their website’s basic SEO work. Don’t jump a few steps at this stage. Keep it simple by doing just one thing right for your friend’s site.


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