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Why Use Customized Software For Your Company?

Every company in the world has its own needs when it comes to developing the work plan, building relationship with the customers, and determining the best way to market the products and services. Therefore, using customized software is the best option for companies to meet their unique needs. 

Krishna C. Mukherjee understands the importance of building software to meet the needs of organizations. He is a Senior Software Architect & Engineer, Inventor and Executive. His illustrious professional career spans from 1988 to present. He is a former Microsoft executive who was involved in the creation and development of Microsoft’s flagship products, including the ubiquitous Office and Windows. Over the years, he has contributed time, energy and talent towards the success of Microsoft. He has helped Microsoft to become a leader in the technology industry. Mukherjee also served in senior leadership positions with other multi-national companies – Wolters Kluwer, Bloomberg, UBS and Citadel. Since 2014, he has been associated as a Senior Executive with KWI where he has been building technologies for omnichannel retailing. He offers strategic executive consulting services to premier organizations. 

During his professional career, Krishna C. Mukherjee has created mission-critical software for large organizations across multiple industries. He has built highly successful commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom software products. In the late 1990s, he invented the AI technology called “Intelligent Filing Manager” to automate workflows and make business processes highly efficient. He established the Software as a Service (SaaS) model and paved the way for efficiently performing business transactions on the cloud.  

Through his creations, Krishna C. Mukherjee has greatly enhanced the automation and prediction capabilities of AI. Pioneers like Krishna C. have brought about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which AI is redefining our lives.

Krishna C. Mukherjee possesses in-depth knowledge of all types of commercial software that are in use worldwide. He feels some of the most important benefits of using custom software are as given below.

  1. Personalization: Undoubtedly, this is an essential benefit when developing custom software for companies. When it comes to designing and developing software for business operations, the one-size-fits-all approach does not work. Although many COTS and SaaS products are available, chances are slim that they will fit seamlessly into your company’s operations. Modifying built-in features of a ready-made software package may meet some, but not all, of your company’s business needs. The preferred approach, therefore, is to develop the software from scratch so that it meets all the business needs of your company. Custom software can be a good option for your company because you can program each detail the way you want, allowing the software to merge seamlessly into your current workflows and applications. Also, the size of custom software can be controlled by your company. Custom software can be small or large; simple or complex. This flexibility makes custom software an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes including yours. 
  2. Scalability: The growth of your company will give rise to new requirements. COTS and SaaS products, that meets your company’s needs today, may not be able to scale and meet your company’s needs after some time. Economic ready-made software packages are usually not scalable, and expensive ready-made software packages do not offer customized support necessary for many companies. Moreover, scaling a ready-made software package may require retraining your company’s employees to use the upgraded version of the software. Custom software is definitely easier to scale. When your company develops a custom software solution, you can design the software with scalability in mind. You can ensure the custom software can scale as and when required to support the growth of your business. After building the initial solution, your company’s software development department can maintain the software. Thus, custom software can adapt to your company’s needs and enable your business to grow smoothly in an organized fashion.
  3. Security: Custom software ensures that your company’s business information and processes remain private. The enhanced security offered by custom software applications is very valuable. Other companies cannot get information on how your company operates internally. Moreover, custom software development protects your company from potential external threats. When a company installs a COTS product, it has the same system as many other companies and individual users. The majority of successful hacking attempts performed on companies happen because hackers exploit known vulnerabilities in the commonly used COTS products. Custom software is unknown to hackers; they have to put in much more effort to analyze the custom software and figure out how to breach it. Hence, custom software is secure and less likely to be hacked.
  4. Cost Effectiveness: The development of custom software may be pricier, but it proves worthwhile in the long run. Custom software development for your company can be linked to your company’s overall budget. Therefore, your company can have a specific expenditure item for custom software development. The custom software can be designed to run on the hardware that your company already has, allowing your company to save money on the purchase of new hardware. COTS and SaaS products can also include additional costs with licenses and subscription fees. Further, custom built software does not require frequent modifications and upgrades like ready-made software. Custom software can be used without any significant investment for a long time. It can help your company to save a considerable amount of money.
  5. Support and Maintenance: When dealing with COTS and SaaS products, a company is often at the mercy of the software vendor that makes and sells the products. If the software vendor becomes bankrupt or decides not to maintain the products, your company will be in a very difficult situation of suddenly switching to software that is fully supported and maintained. This unexpected expense can be damaging to your company. With custom software development, your company can maintain its software as long as required. One of the biggest advantages with custom software is that it can be supported in a reliable and efficient way. Your company can have its own product support team who is familiar with the entire software development process. They can resolve issues quickly and enable your company to provide superior customer service.

In accordance with Krishna C. Mukherjee’s vision, SaaS and custom software have changed the way companies operate and meet their goals. He feels that when your company is trying to make a buy vs. build decision, the four questions below need to be answered.

(a) What are the essential features for the required software product? If a ready-made software product can deliver enough of the features, then buy the product. Otherwise, build the product in-house.

(b) What is the timeframe for delivering the software product to the users? The features will determine which type of software can be delivered faster: ready-made or custom. You have to choose between the two accordingly.

(c) What is the build vs. buy cost analysis? After you determine the feature set and the timeframe within which to deliver the software product, you need to accurately calculate the cost to buy the software and the cost to build it. You can then choose the more economic option.

(d) Will the software product make enough money to justify its costs? This is the most important question that you need to answer. If you have done the analysis correctly, the answer is obvious. If not, you have to rethink the features of the software product and come to a decision that will generate a profit for your company.


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