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Top 5 Tips and Apps to Hack WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp has become an integral part of our lives. SMS activity on the cellphone is fading away and people are using social messaging apps. If you are looking forward to knowing your child’s daily routine or you want to know what employees on business owned phone installed messaging you need to read the conversation on the instant messaging app. So, you need to hack the social messaging app to know about anyone’s activities on it. Therefore, we are going to tell you about the top 5 tips and apps to hack WhatsApp messenger to the fullest.

Top 5 Tips to hack WhatsApp messenger

There are following few tips that are best these days to hack and track the social messaging apps on the target cellphone device. 

Screen Mirroring: It is a kind of technique on someone’s cellphone device, and you can do live streaming of the cellphone screen active with not only with the WhatsApp but with all other social apps active on the mobile device.

Call forwarding: You can use this technique and spy on the WhatsApp account to the fullest. If you can get access to the target device for 1 minute you can get the job done.

OTP Sniffing: It is one of the easiest ways to monitor someone’s account but you have to sit right next to the target person to do that job.  Most of the cellphone users always activate the option to display the notifications on the cellphone lock screen.  Hackers can manipulate it to control the account of the target device. Users can get access to the account and simply change the target device number.

QR Code Scan: You may have seen plenty of applications that can hack the WhatsApp using QR code. These kinds of applications can create a QR code, and we can use the code to monitor the account on someone’s cellphone.

Voice mail: You can also hack the instant messaging apps account active on the target device by using the voice mail option. Hacker can use the voice mail option on someone’s account and by doing a couple of things you can get the job done.

Apart from these above-mentioned techniques, you can get your hands on the top 5 apps to hack WhatsApp messenger. Let’s discuss in the following in detail. 


It is one of the best whatsapp spy apps these days. It empowers you to set parental control on teens’ mobile devices active with instant messaging apps like WhatsApp. Ogymogy whatsapp spy app enables you to monitor your kids get the social media app logs with a timestamp. You can use to perform live screen recording to know about the instant messenger activities in real-time. Parents can use this app to know about every activity performed on the target cellphone device. Apart from tracking the social media activities of children users can use it to track the hidden whereabouts of the teens and further their planning on the instant messaging app with their friends. 


It is a cell phone spy app that empowers you to track and hack any cellphone device. You can install it on the target device and use the features to get the logs of social messaging apps. You can use its features like screen recording to record back to back videos of phone screen active with WhatsApp. Moreover, users can use its feature social media messenger tracking app to get the logs of social messaging apps in terms of messages, chat, voice calls, voice messages, and shared media files. You can also use the keystrokes logger tool to get access to the applied password keystrokes, messenger, messages, and email keystrokes. It means the application can monitor every activity performed on the target device. It is compatible with the android phones and tablet devices running up to android OS 10 and above devices. 


Flexispy app is one of the most popular applications that empower you to hack and monitor WhatsApp messages, multimedia, voice, and video calls logs on a cellphone device. Therefore, you can track conversations remotely on the instant messenger with a timestamp. Users can also get access to shared photos, videos, emotions, and voice logs. You just need to install the social messaging app on the target cellphone device and upload the messages, chat, and multimedia and voice call logs. Apart from the tracking features for instant messaging apps, it is packed with several other features to do surveillance on a cellphone device.


It is the best mobile phone hacking software in the business these days. It empowers you to get access to the target phone active with instant messaging apps. It is capable enough to hack the WhatsApp social media app. You can get the voice calls logs, read messages, multimedia sharing, and voice messages logs. It is compatible with the cellphone device, and you can use plenty of other features to monitor someone’s cellphone device to the fullest. It has features like call recording, social media monitoring, internet history, call logs, GPS tracker, and features like screenshots and keyloggers. Users can use this application for parental monitoring and do surveillance on employees. However, you can use it to hack the instant messengers to the fullest.


It is one of the best parental monitoring apps these days that empowers you to hack kids’ cellphone devices connected to cyberspace. You can use get access to the target cellphone device once you have activated it on the target device and track WhatsApp messages, chat, voice chat logs, multimedia shared, and voice messages logs. Apart from social media tracking, it provides you a familykit solution that is best for the surveillance of your children obsessed with cellphone activities. It has dozens of features that empowering you monitors calls, hack sent/received messages, read messaging apps, track location, and control apps and programs on the target mobile device. It is compatible with the contemporary cellphone devices running with Android and iOS operating systems.


In this post, we have discussed the top 5 tips and apps to hack WhatsApp messenger.  These can help you out to get rid of parental and employee monitoring concerns to the fullest.


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