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7 Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps in 2020

Cellphone tracker apps are available on the web, and it is difficult for users to get their hands on the best one in the business. There are groups of people who are looking forward to tracking cellphone devices for digital parenting to make sure kids’ safety online and to keep an eye on employee’s activities on business-owned devices. So, parents and employers in particular want to have a kind of application to track digital cellphones to the fullest. In this post, we will discuss short reviews of 7 best cellphone tracking apps in 2020.

Best cellphone tracker apps in 2020

There are the following mentioned apps that are best in business that empowers you to track cellphones. Let discuss all the apps in terms of features, installation, and purpose of using these applications.


It is one of the best cell phone tracker apps in the business these days. You can install it on the target device, but you to get physical access on the target device. It does not support remote installation. You can use it for digital parenting and for tracking employees in working hours. You can get access to the online web portal where you can get your hands on the features like screen recording, call recording, social media messenger tracker, and browsing history. Further, you can use email tracking, GPS location tracker, and remote features to block messages, live incoming calls, and the internet.


Whenever you are going to make your mind to set parental control or you want to track your business-owned mobile device, then you should choose OgyMogy phone tracker app. It empowers you to track all the activities of the children and employees respectively. You can easily install it on the target device and further get access to the online dashboard use features to upload the information on the target phone. Users can use features, screen recording, IM’s social media, IM’s call recording, email tracker, call recorder, internet history, and GPS location tracking. Every feature is result-oriented, and you can keep tabs of the cellphone device.


Flexispy is the best cellphone tracker app in our category. It is best for tracking teen’s online activities to empower you to block inappropriate and dangerous activities on social media. Moreover, it is also known as an employee tracking solution. You can install it on the target device without facing hassles and use its online portal features, call logs, social media logs, read emails, text messages tracker, and location tracker. It is equally beneficial for keeping tabs of business owned phones.



 Mspy is a kind of platform that provides you the best cellphone tracker and you can use it on any cellphone device for parental tracking and to keeping an eye on employees’ activities on business phones. Every activity happening on the target phone doesn’t leave unattended if you have installed a mobile tracker app on the target device. Physical access is necessary to set it up on the target device. Users can use email tracking, Geo-location, social media logs, keylogger, screenshots, and internet history tracker. All of these features are functional and provide you results by uploading information about a cellphone device on the dashboard.


It is one of the most advanced mobile tracker apps that enable you to get access to the target device and upload the information running on it. Furthermore, you can use this particular cellphone tracking app for the surveillance of teen’s online activities to make sure safety. Further, the same application and with the same tools, you can use on business owned phones to keep tabs of employees for business safety. Users can use features like call interception, screenshots, IM’s tracking, browser activities, Geo-location tracker, and many more. 


It is the most advanced and powerful cellphone tracker software that empowers you to track cellphone devices once you installed it on the target mobile device. You can use its features like screenshots, keystrokes logger, social media monitoring, internet tracking, GPS location, call recorder, and many more. You can also read emails sent and received on the target device. Get its online subscription and start the process of installation to get to know all the activities that happened on the target cellphone. 


When it comes to tracking someone’s mobile connected to the internet it happened one of the topmost mobile phone tracker apps in the business to date. It is one of the classics, but lost its worth over the years, because of limited features and old fashioned features. However, it is still effective for tracking teens to make sure online safety and to monitor employees in working hours on business phones. It takes little time to set it up on the target device.


We have done a short review of the top 7 best cellphone tracker apps that are best for digital parenting and to keep tabs of employees in working hours. You can use any one of these according to the ranking and your needs. 


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